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March 25, 2023


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Who We Are.

Our Team has worked on hundreds of software projects for clients on six continents, from direct customers, software outsourcing partners and marketing companies, including global brands.


False Cognitive Technologies has the required capacity to develop and manage multiple, concurrent projects at 1000X the scope of any software project in the Samoas and other Oceanic island nations based on demography densities for projected concurrent user sessions.

Our interest in the Samoan Islands originates from more than 30 years of study in how the ethnologically diverse regions and cultures of Oceania can be algorithmically defined into business logic for optimizing processes for an otherwise unexpected outcome.

Admittedly, certain members of our team (actually, just one) want to test scenarios of localizing workflows to the unique human factors and challenges of managing processes, quality and consistency in the Samoan Islands.

Going along for the ride kicking and screaming, our distributed team consists of more than 60 seasoned technology professionals capable of meeting schedules and deadlines.

Some of the More Interesting

places where we have worked.

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Brands worked on

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